Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center supports administrators and job seekers, and includes access to application downloads, documentation, patches, discussion forums, and the KnowledgeBase, which offers a growing collection of technical articles, tips, tricks, and code samples to help with administrators' and job seekers' needs. We are associated with Govt. approved Trade Test Center, named " Tech-Ni-Test" for conducting practical trade test relating to skilled and semi-skilled workers. For specialized skill testing, we have necessary arrangements with the Local Government recognized technical institutes.

Popular International Recruiting Agency's success is largely due to its corps of dynamic professionals. Through their expertise and proficiency in their respective fields, the company has been able to gain a broader view of its clients needs and objectives. The members of the staff attach due consideration to economic and cultural realities and always thrive to handle any sort of placement jobs in their right earnest. In this way Popular International Recruiting Agency lends credibility to its commitment.

We would always welcome a foreign principal or his representative to visit and personally participate in the screening, skill testing and final selection of applicants most suitable to his needs.